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The best pilling removers, pet hair combs, brushes & lint rollers available

For more than two decades, The Fabric Care Company has been a helping hand in busy homes throughout Australasia. With more than 50 products ranging from animal and pet hair combs to clean up after family pets, through to wool and fluff ball removers to bring favourite garments back to life, The Fabric Care Company takes the hard work out of fabric and clothing care and offers a range of products that really work.

The Fabric Care Company understands the value and importance of time in today’s hectic lifestyles, and we also know household budgets are under unprecedented pressure from the day-to-day expenses that go hand-in-hand with life in the 21st century. Consequently, we’ve invested heavily in research and development to produce a high-quality fabric and clothing care range. Much of our research effort has gone into delivering the best quality, and we’re proud to say the end result is a range of products that are effective, affordable and long lasting. Our products deliver an added economic bonus by bringing garments, upholstery and other fabrics back to life, reducing the need to spend money investing in new fabrics and clothing.

At The Fabric Care Company we’re confident our products are without peer. From our sticky lint rollers and removers to our mini irons and iron guards, we believe our products are unrivalled in the market today. We know we have the best Australian-made clothes pegs and peg bags available, and needleworkers and textile artists cannot speak highly enough about the craft and sewing accessories we offer, particularly our easy-thread hand sewing needles and snag repair needles.

Please browse our website and see for yourself the outstanding range of products available. Alternatively, you may like to view a demonstration of our fabric care products in action at a Fabric Care Company show or exhibition located near you. We love to hear your thoughts about our range and welcome your comments and feedback, so please contact us online or call on (03) 9318 6338. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Sellers

Jumbo Lint Roller

$15.00 inc GST

Miracle Brush

$18.00 inc GST

Vacuum Brush

$35.00 inc GST

Grip-It Brush

$15.00 inc GST

SUPER Jumbo Lint Roller

$25.00 inc GST

Pet Hair Comb

$29.95 inc GST

Furezi Mitt

$10.00 inc GST

Mini Iron Guard

$20.00 inc GST

Silicone Iron Rest

$25.00 inc GST

Mini Ironing Board

$29.95 inc GST

Mega Pegs (3 x 12 Pack)

$30.00 inc GST

Snag Repair Needle

$11.95 inc GST