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Pilling Removers

Like no other brand, The Fabric Care Company’s range of lint shavers and fuzz removers incorporates the first electric lint remover and best fabric shavers available in Australasia. Our fabric shavers are more powerful than others and include the most precise cutting blades, ensuring lint and fuzz disappear but your garments and fabrics suffer no damage. The Fabric Care Company’s electric sweater shaver will perform better than other brands, guaranteed!


No matter how new or well cared for, the majority of fabrics naturally pill and ball. Typically, synthetic fabrics attract more pilling, however natural fibres such as wool and cashmere have reduced in quality in recent years and now suffer fabric pilling worse than ever.

Pilling and balling result from friction caused through washing and normal wearing, making your clothes look old and neglected. Our clothing pilling removers eliminate pilling, fluff and fuzz from clothing and furnishing fabrics with ease.


A pilling remover, also known as a wool ball remover, fluff ball remover or lint ball remover, works by either breaking or cutting the fibres that attach pilling to fabric. Breaking the fibres can cause some fluffing which will result in the pilling returning soon after. Cutting the pilling will provide a much longer-lasting result as it gives a clean, close shave of the fabric, preventing fluffing and removing matted fibres which lay beneath the pilling.

Contact The Fabric Care Company online or call us on (03) 9318 6388 to find out more about our high-quality lint shavers and fuzz removers. You might also want to inspect our range of animal and pet hair combs and lint rollers, and other items in our range of industry-leading fabric care equipment.

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