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Animal Hair Removers

You love your pets, but how is it that your carpet and lounge suite act as a magnet for their hair? No matter how clean you are, long or short, fluffy or coarse, pet hairs end up everywhere! You need The Fabric Care Company’s animal and pet hair comb or pet and animal hair vacuum brush so you can keep up with what your four-legged friends leave behind. 


Our pet comb has ultra-fine brass teeth which trap and dislodge any type of hair, including cat, dog, horse and rabbit, from carpets, rugs, mats and furnishings.  Quite simply no other product works as hard as our pet hair comb to remove all types of animal hair. The Fabric Care Company's animal hair combs and broom will rejuvenate lounge suites, car upholstery, pet beds and carpet with ease.


Available in two sizes, our pet hair vacuum brush and upholstery brush will dislodge and remove animal hairs with minimal effort. Many vacuums focus on suction alone to remove stubborn animal hair and human hairs. Our vacuum brushes have fine self-cleaning bristles which grip the hair and sweep it onto the path of the vacuum suction for efficient and easy removal. The self-cleaning heads prevent hair from becoming entwined which means there is no need to clean them. Quite simply, our animal hair vacuum brush is an essential tool for pet lovers.

If you’d like another weapon in your pet-hair removal arsenal you might want to consider our lint roller, which delivers superior cleaning performance across a wide range of applications. The Fabric Care Company has an extensive range of fabric care and cleaning equipment, ranging from animal and pet hair combs, through to mini irons and ironing board covers and the best clothes pegs on the market.

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